Front Range Orthopedics


On behalf of FROC, P.C., (Front Range Orthopedic Center), I want to express our complete delight with the production of what is the first of many magazines that we will produce with your organization. This high quality magazine has impressed our referring physicians, our patients, and our colleagues. We are placing the magazine in a variety of other businesses as well.


The ease of putting this together is still amazing me.


I want to thank you, Robert, for making this such a positive outcome. If you need any references for other orthopedic groups, please have them contact me directly.

David D. Demchuk


Fox Valley Cardiovascular Consultants


Last year we published our first issue of ‘Heartbeat of Fox Valley’ with Custom Medical Design Group. The positive response from our patients was overwhelming. Even though our patients come regularly to our facility, many of them were not aware of the many programs we had to offer through our practice. Our magazine allowed us to highlight our specialized clinics and staff members.


One of the things we appreciated about working with Custom Medical is that they go out and solicit funds from our list of business associates. They also made all the preliminary recommendations for article lengths and photographs. Like all healthcare providers, we never seem to have enough staff or time for anything outside of patient care. Custom Medical allowed us to get our magazine published without adding extra resources or added burden on our staff.


We were very pleased and proud of the outcome of Heartbeat of Fox Valley and have even grander plans for our future issues. We have enjoyed our working relationship with Custom Medical and would recommend them to anyone desiring to provide a well-organized and informative magazine to their patients.

Bonnie M. Resch
Director of Patient Care Services



Colorado Springs Health Partners, P.C.


We have published our issue of CSHP Magazine for many years and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results. Not only is it an excellent PR tool for our company, but our employees are taking great pride in the fact that we are “published”!


The process to get from signing the contract to the publication was seamless. After delivering the list of our key business partners, Custom medical kept in touch on the progress of our magazine weekly. Working with the designer on our cover was a pleasant and professional experience. Our business partners were also pleased with the communications.


In addition to distributing the magazine to our partners and displaying them in our waiting rooms, we have included the magazine in our physician recruitment packet and are using it in our employer marketing efforts. As you know, we did an over run of the center pullout section on our specialists and will be using that to market to other area physicians as well.


We are so pleased with our magazines published by your group and look forward to many more years of working with you. Thank you again for your hard work.

Lynne W. Jones
Marketing and Public Relations Specialist



Jacksonville Orthopaedic Institue


We have just recently published the 24th edition of our magazine, the “JOI Journal”, with your company. Consistent with all of our previous editions, the feedback we have received from our staff, our patients, the vendors who have purchased advertising, and the referring physicians’ offices we distribute the magazine to has been very complimentary. In fact, we typically have requests for more magazines than we have printed.


As you are probably aware, in addition to printing the magazine, we also print 1,000 copies of the four-page insert describing JOI – our mission, insurance companies we contract with, the specialties of our physicians, pictures, and a map of our locations. We use this four page “brochure” for distribution to our new patients at all of our practice locations. To say that we are pleased with the quality, content, and utility of the magazine is an understatement!


I would be remiss if I did not mention that your representative has played a key role from the beginning in assisting in planning the magazine, securing vendor support, and reminding us to meet our deadlines for publication. She has made an integral contribution to the success of our magazine. Thank you.


Thank you for your commitment to produce a quality publication that we are proud to put our name on.


Patrick A. Hinton
Executive Director


Albany ENT


We had a patient call and compliment our email newsletter that he received on his phone. He stated it was clear, and very easy to understand. He said that he travels quite frequently and he has seen many different formats of news letters from other offices. But he kept going on about how well our newsletter outshines the rest. I swear I am not exaggerating.

James Colangione
Albany ENT

Existing Customers